10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition

How to Legally Kill Your Competitors

How to Handle the Competitors so they don’t impact your sales results.

Aren’t the competition just such a nuisance?

Some competitors you and I┬ácan have a certain level of respect for, they’re good guys, they do a decent job, give the industry a good name, so they exist and we cordially acknowledge that they sort of know what they’re doing.

But how about the pretenders, the wannabe’s, the chancers who, honestly, just muddy the pond, destroy the market and bring the industry into disrepute.

Even worse the ones that confuse the buyers, your prospects, into what is achievable and at what price.

Now, I really could go into a rant about those guys…I see them in every industry, I call them the ‘hit and run crowd’…most likely they change their company name and business type more often than they change other certain under garments!

They are a fact of life.

That doesn’t mean that you and I shouldn’t do everything we can to get rid of them if we can, but even more important we should distance ourselves from them and never more so than in the eyes of the prospect.

That’s why I wrote this report for you.

It’s free. You can download it here 10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition

And because you and I can’t legally kill the competition out right, I want to show you how you can create a position where your competitors cease to exist and where your prospect is absolutely totally committed to what you offer versus what the competitors say they can offer.

Follow these 10 clearly laid out steps and let me know how you get on.

The good news is – creating clear blue sky between you and the rest of the suppliers in your industry is not difficult.

The bad news is – you must be prepared to change how you view your prospects, your message and your pricing. It may take time, but these 10 steps will work for you, if you work them!

Here’s the link – make sure you take a read – take you about 15 mins and then you’ll be ready to start putting your insights to work…10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition

Happy Selling



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