How to Generate More HIGH Quality Sales Leads and Telephone Sales Appointments

Sales and Business Development Training In Sheffield and Derbyshire

Sales and Business Development Training In Sheffield and Yorkshire

FREE REPORT: How To Generate High Quality Telephone Sales Appointments 

Nothing happens in sales or business development until a sales prospect is converted to a sales lead.

Typically, that involved the sales person having some form of telephone contact with the named individual to undertake a qualifying conversation that may end in a sales appointment being generated, or a well qualified lead being entered into the CRM with an appropriate call back date.

So, it makes sense that if a business increases the number of qualifying conversations it has, then they will generate more appointments?

Of course! In many businesses, sales leader still think this part of the sales process is a numbers game. And, to a degree, they’d be correct.

BUT, what really makes the difference is when not just the quantity of the lead generation calls increases, but so does the QUALITY.

That’s where the real breakthrough occurs.

More high quality appointments. Less diary down time. More quotes going out. Better quality quotes because the prospect was perfectly qualified before the meeting. Higher chance of closing. Potentially higher profits.

AND…all because of one thing….The quality of the initial telephone sales conversation. The quality of the questions asked increased. The quality of the research that was done pre-call was fine tuned. All in all, the process was not about filling the sales diary with any old appointment.

The aim of the call was to fill the diary with HIGH QUALITY and HIGH VALUE appointments….how what would that shift in thinking mean to your business?

Download your FREE report to show you exactly how to make this change in your business…just click on the link – How to Generate High Quality Telephone Sales Appointments.

It’s totally free and will be sent to your email immediately.

Good Luck.



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