What to Do When You Can’t Fire the Sales Team….

Sales and Business Development Training In Sheffield and East Midlands

Sales and Business Development Training In Sheffield and Yorkshire

Let’s face it, as sales leaders, you and I have walked out of sales and business development meetings wishing some of our employee’s would just up sticks and go work for the competitor.

Download this FREE REPORT and find out what you can do BEFORE you get to that stage, here’s the link, just click on and you’ll get the report immediately¬†Help……I want to fire the sales team but I should give them one last chance!

At least that way you’d save their wage bill and you wouldn’t have to worry about what they’ll say or do in their next client meeting…and you wouldn’t have to listen to their sorry excuses about what’s wrong with the market and why they can’t hit target…..such bliss to be able to avoid that.

Sometimes in sales it just doesn’t work out, for lots of reasons, and saying goodbye is best on both sides. But that rarely happens does it?

So, there’s just one step you go through before you take THE final step.

It’s that part of your job where you dig in, grit your teeth and try your best to make it better.

You train them.

It’s the last-ditch chance.

It’s the start of performance management and it’s you giving it your last shot.

But don’t want to cash out for training – no problem. Download this quick guide. Everything you need to know about BASIC things sales people can do to make a difference to their sales results.

I stress BASIC because quite often it’s the basics not being done that cause the biggest problems and knock on effects through the sales pipeline.

Will take you no-time to talk the team through it in the next sales meeting.

It won’t make you love your sales team any more than you already do (!), but it will boost their sales results.

Here’s the link, just click and your download will be sent to you immediately…..Help…I want to fire my sales team but I should give them one last chance

Good Luck.




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