Sales Training – Sheffield

Sales and Business Development Training Courses 

Open and Bespoke Sale Training Courses for ambitious and driven B2B sales and business development teams.

Why Morton Kyle Limited? 

1We don’t waste your time or money!

Our sales and business development training courses are unique in that we won’t waste your time or budget delivering training in areas that:

1. you’re already highly skilled in or

2. don’t have a high positive impact on sales and business development results.

So – no padding, no packing…just high impact skills, behaviour and results changing sales and business development training for your sales team, your sales managers and your sales leaders…

by focusing on the easy wins for your sales teams in the areas where they are struggling most, paying specific attention to those skills and practices that have a direct relationship with sales results, profit and closing. 

Your sales team get a results driven sales tool kit that they can use immediately.

2: We solve real sales problems

Just because your sales team aren’t getting the results you want…it might not be for the reason you think…that’s why all of our sales training is designed and delivered AFTER we’ve done a full sales evaluation.

Think about this…a poor close rate might not be a problem in the sales skills based. It could be a flaw in the sales process and how the appointments are being booked.

Pricing objections are never about price – always about value, so teaching sales teams how to negotiate and manage price objections is pointless…

One more…inability to create and establish a great value based sales proposition has less to do with your product, your service, your brand or your company and everything to do with what questions you ask, in what order and how you structure the sales call…

So you see, generic sales training courses and generic skills workshops work if you want generic sales results…do you?

Why Train Your Sales and Business Development Team?

1. Sales has changed so much over the last few years, much of what your team know is probably being self-taught, picked up from watching others or simply based on insights gained from trial and error.

2. Furthermore, few existing sales practices acknowledge fully the changes that have taken place in term of how the prospect now selects and buys.

3. Few sales and business development teams have a sales system for generating the level and quality of sales they want in the volume and at the frequency they need. Sales processes can be hit and miss with not enough certainty and predictability in generating profitable sales. Training will help you and the sales and business development team in creating a sustainable, predictable and profitable sales system should be high on the agenda of every single firm in business today.

That’s why training with Morton Kyle Limited will be unlike any sales and business development training your team have ever experienced.

We don’t just train sales people to sell more, we create a Sales and Business Generation System to ensure your business benefits from a robust and predictable sales system.

Your own Sales and Business Generation System will generate the quality of sales you want, when you want, from the quality of prospects you want, at the price and profit you want….

Contact me today to discuss how your company can benefit from reviewing your actual sales and business development system… or call 0779 002 1885.

A few words from recent clients:

 Carol got to know Medilink well and her understanding of the company allowed her to  provide our team with excellent training and advice.Her application of business expertise,  twinned with in depth research yielded a tailored training package for the business – Senior Manager/Divisional Head – Business Advisory Organisation

The sales training with Morton Kyle has been one of the most useful courses we have done. Having no experience of sales previously, we left the training with the confidence as well as the tools with which to become effective sales people. Our success rate improved after the training and enabled the company to move forward in a way that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible – Director /Civil Engineering Firm

Attendees will to our sales training courses will gain an insight into:
  • Sales skills that can be used immediately in their sales role
  • Practical ways to increase their sales effectiveness
  • How to build solid sales pipelines to generate predictable results
  • Boost sales results by creating high value and using the buyer journey to close the sale
  • Increase close rates by applying strictly defined criteria that exclude competitor comparison
  • Build value in the sales presentation that is unrivalled by competitors
  • Negotiate effectively to ensure the desired profit levels are maintained and the brand is not compromised by heavy discounting
We offer a range of  Sales and Business Development Training Courses based on:
  • Cold Calling, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting and Filling the Sales Diary
  • Zero Resistance Sales Calls
  • The Objection Free Sales Pitch
  • 25 Ways to Close and 5 Ways to Boost Your Pricing
  • 101 Ways to Improve Your Sales Results
  • Question Skills and Objection Handling 
  • Creating your Perfect Sales and Business Development Strategy
  • Sales Metrics and Using Intelligent Measurement to Drive Sales Performance
  • Sales and Business Development  Boot Camp for Business Owner/Managers
  • The Sales Game Changer System – 90 Day Sales Turnaround Program
  • Recruiting Sales Super Stars and How to Avoid the Professional Sales Interviewee
  • Building Solid Sales Funnels – High Quality Sales Prospects on Tap
  • Sales Management for First Time Sales Managers
  • Sales Process Design and Innovation in the Sales Cycle
  • Sales and Business Development Plans Made Simple

Contact us for more details

Morton Kyle Limited – specialists in:

Improving Sales Performance via Sales Audit, Sales Training, Sales Strategy, Sales Consultancy, Sales Coaching and Mentoring, Client Acquisition, Client Retention, Profit Maximisation, Sales Pipeline Creation, Sales Prospecting, Client Attraction, Sales Change Management, Sales Process Improvement, Sales Performance Management, Business Process Improvement, Sales Analysis, Sales Trouble Shooting, Transformational Organisational Development, Creating Value Added Sales Propositions, Value Based Selling, Value Based Pricing, SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, Challenger Sales, Sales Planning, Agile Sales Plans, Lean Sales and Marketing Plans, Sales Operations, Sales Management, New Business Development, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Sales Skills Development, Sales Skills Training, Sales Executive Development, Sales Development Mentoring Executive Coaching in Sales

Recruitment of Sales Super Stars – Telesales, Field Sales, Business Development Managers, Sales Management, Appointment Setters, Account Managers, Lead Generators, Sales Support, from Junior to Director level positions in Sheffield, Leeds, Barnsley, Rotherham, Wakefield, Pontefract, Harrogate, York or the surrounding areas of Yorkshire.

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