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Do you know what to look for in your next sales hire? In this blog, 10 experts weigh in on the must-have qualities of successful sales professionals.

Carol Griffiths‘s insight:

Great article – I am always led by the line that say ‘Hire on Skills – Fire on Attitude’ because it is so true. I personally always seek to find sales people who are curious, coachable and are able to demonstrate diversity in their thinking whilst having a very pragmatic and practical approach to providing a meaningful solution. The one thing I screen heavily for is people who are out of touch with the reality of a situation. Past experience has taught me that this is a key issue when driving sales performance.

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Don’t Do It!!!

Do your sales team really need another sales training course?

Before you look at investing in any sales training course – even a refresher course, take a quick look at the following areas of your business:

  • Are your sales processes as effective and as user-friendly as they should be?
  • Are you measuring the right metrics in your business (metrics of events that deliver the sales results you want)?
  • Are you communicating the right sales metrics to the sales team in the right way?
  • Is your sales commission plan driving the right behaviours?
  • In the market place, is your sales message effective, potent, individual and unique?
  • Are you following the planned sales strategy or are you simply looking for the numbers, or worse still, are you following your competitors?
  • To what degree are the gaps in sales performance due to people, process, product or pricing?
  • Do you know why the sales machine is not working for you?
  • Do you have the correct people in place, and if so, are you playing to their strengths?

Sales training could be the last thing you need, meaning there are other things that can be addressed more simply, quicker and often at a much lower cost.

Think about this, if you are not making the margin your require, maybe you are not generating any margin at all, running at a deficit.

Then it is highly likely that most sales training programs will get your team to do much of what they are already doing  since quick fix sales training courses have a very low retention rate on new skills, behaviours and ways of working. Therefore, just doing what they are doing already but potentially doing it faster, more effectively. Yes, you may well become more efficient at losing money.

When you do get to the point of selecting your training provider ask yourself these things:

  • Do you really need sales training that covers everything? Even the parts of the sales process that the team are already doing well?
  • If you only had to train your sales people in three very specific areas – what would they be? Why these three areas only? What will be the impact on the bottom line?
  • How will you know/judge if the training has been a success?
  • How are you going to guarantee that the new skills are adopted (without fail) by the sales team?
  • How are you going to support the sales team during and post training to ensure they get the maximum value?
  • What are the consequences for the team of not abiding by the training and using the new sales skills?
  • How closely does the culture of the Trainer fit the culture of your company?
  • Is the Trainer a Trainer or a Sales Person themselves?

Most sales training programs fail for four main reasons

  • The Managers don’t support the training during and post the delivery
  • The content of the training is not specific enough. the training is too broad-based
  • There are no training KPI’s set in place pre design and delivery
  • There is no follow-up to the training after delivery

As adults we understand that some new skills can be adopted very quickly, and to a high level of competence. Learning to sell is not one of those skills.
Sales training often has to fulfil two functions:

  • It should remove undesirable/damaging behaviour and
  • Replace it with new effective skills

Furthermore, teaching someone to sell is a hearts and minds endeavour. Revising the sales script, getting them to ask more open questions, giving the sales team new lines to close with can all have some impact but that impact is likely to be small and short-term.

Delivering the thought process behind the lines, the logic of the professional sales pitch and the actions to take at each point, the deviations to make, how to re-establish control, how to close along the way…those are skills that take time to deliver properly and develop in the field, and even longer to adopt as second nature.

I’m not suggesting that sales training should be like painting the Forth Bridge, what I am suggesting is that you forget about sheep dipping and concentrate on the three or four aspects of the sales call that would make the world of difference. Train in just what the sales team need to improve on. Also, to increase the effectiveness of the sales training you might want to think about having a training program where the trainer:

  • Accompanies the sales person on sales visits pre training
  • Listens to sales calls pre training
  • Fully understand the sales process
  • Has full sight of the sales funnel and the conversion metrics at each stage
  • Has spoken to the sales team in confidential 121’s so as to understand the individual needs from the training and not just the business needs
  • Understands very specifically the KPI’s that the training needs to impact on

To discuss your sales needs, whether increasing profits, accelerating sales growth, building a more productive sales team or refining and driving your sales strategy, call us for a confidential chat.

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

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Road Map for Sales Success – Free Sales Workshop for Professional Service Firms – Sheffield/Yorkshire

Road Map for Sales Success

  • Are you in charge of business development for your firm?
  • Are you selling professional services?
  • Are you selling to other businesses, B2B?

Free Business Development Taster Sessions running in Sheffield on the following dates:

11th September – Lean Sales and Marketing Strategy – Create a meaningful strategy for high impact, direct prospect engagement. 9 am – 11am

19th September – Value Based Selling – Move away from a model of time based selling to value based selling and pricing. 9 am – 11am

These events are open to business owners/managers/business development people who are seeking to improve their business profitability and sales performance, and who work within the Professional Services Sector – Legal, Accountancy and Consultancy and operate in a Business to Business Environment

Crammed full of ideas and strategies for developing existing markets, increasing the potency of current sales messages and engaging with new markets using low risk/high impact strategies. You will also understand the process of generating practical business development initiatives for you to use today.

This is the first step towards speeding up your sales efforts to produce bigger results faster…these workshops are excellent use of your time and are FREE.

This program is not suitable for every one; especially if your product or service is not currently able to offer anything more valuable than your competitors (this is a separate issue to please give us a call to discuss)

This program will be valuable to you if you are experiencing the following:

  • You feel that you and your business are the worlds best kept secret
  • Sales and business development is not the main focus of your job, but is becoming very important
  • You have trouble in maintaining a sufficient flow of good quality sales prospects into your company
  • You have unexplored sales opportunities within your firm
  • You know your firm can deliver a better service than many of your competitors…if only people would listen, take notice
  • You find your self contemplating lowering your prices to attract customers
  • You feel you are currently under charging for your services, yet can’t see how anyone could possibly pay you any more for what you are providing
  • You struggle to convert interested prospects in to good quality profitable clients
  • You are talking to lots of people but recruiting few clients

You will gain benefit from the taster sessions if you or your sales team are looking for ways to:

  • Increase your fees/ billings
  • Build your client bases
  • Improve client relationships
  • Improve sales performance
  • Fill your sales pipeline with good quality prospects
  • Built transparency into your sales efforts
  • Remove inconsistency from your business and sales performance

The free taster workshops will give you an insight in to how to address all of the above, however if you don’t have a truly convincing valuable service/product then the benefits you will receive from attending this program will be minimal.

To Register

To attend this program please either email carol@mortonkyle.com with the date you wish to attend in the subject line (or call on 0779 002 1885) to receive confirmation of your booking. Numbers are restricted and all places will be offered on a first come first served basis, so please let me know how many colleagues you will be bringing with you, and their names.

Why are we running these sessions?

It’s no secret that business has been tough over the last few years.

Whilst some sectors are reporting that things are changing and confidence is returning slowly, others are wondering when the next dip will appear.

Further to recent research, we have found that overwhelmingly the two biggest challenges faced in business today are:

  • Business Growth – attracting and retaining the right type of client
  • Increasing fee income – moving away from a commoditised model

Therefore during these two workshops we will help you to:

  • Identify and shortlist target prospects
  • Select just the right time to make contact
  • Have a reason to make contact that engages the prospect
  • Have a practical and workable client attraction strategy within your firm
  • Use compelling language and approaches to engage target prospects
  • Engage in a conversation that builds rapport and value immediately.
  • Provide a key point of difference in your approach by building value
  • Bill on the basis of the value of service rather than the time
  • Generate extra fees within your business
  • Increase your worth to your client by enhancing the value you deliver
  • Building higher value perceptions

I hope you can join us – please email carol@mortonkyle.com with the dates you would like to attend and the number of colleagues you will be bringing with you.

Should you require any further information – please call 0779 002 1885

For more information see http://www.mortonkyle.com


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